Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I'm in a place, an inbetween stage..

First blog post on what i wore today. Just went shopping.

I don't know what sort of face i'm pulling hhmmm..anyway. I basically live in this blazer. I bought it well over a year ago, £10 in the topshop sale. Was originally about £50?! Topshop premium. Blazers wern't cool at all back then, i guess i don't really follow "cool". Its got a sheen to it and the lining is a lighter shade and its just generally nice, well to me anyway.

I'm wearing a Forever 21 Blondie top, about $12 i think it was over a basic striped black/white dress from Dorothy Perkins about £14. My bags from a small vintage shop, £6 and my headband was £2, it's actually just a meter of sequined ribbon from the market. I'm also wearing two rings, a gold one £7 topshop, and a coral one £2 in the DP's sale.

And thats it. Let me know what you think.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Who loves me? ...

So i picked up this months ELLE UK magazine. Lindsay Lohan being the cover. Now, i'm not really into her private life, but she is just beautiful. Her face is just made to be pictured.

Me, myself and I.

I guess i should begin with the beginning. I'm Olivia Taylor, i'm Sixteen. I live in the best country in the world, fact (for those who arn't quite keeping up. that would be England, UK) I live for moments when your not actually doing alot, but i know i'll look back on those times and wish i could relive it (i'm also positive i'll look back and cringe on this blog..or maybe i'll be proud of it, hoping for the latter) like..take now for instance. I'm sat here looking like a young hippy listening to Kanye West I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD BABY..I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!! Brilliance.

I'm completely, 100% into 'Fashion'. I believe whatever you wear, if it matches you, then you are doing everything right. I know, cliche, but it's true. I'm the type of girls who pays £3.00+ for a magazine and instantly tears out pages, and ends up with a bedroom flooded wth pictures of models and expensive bags and luxe.

And..that is me. Not quite summed up but the best i can do. I'll be posting pictures of clothes, outfits, anything. I'm not really sure yet. All i can really say is stay tuned.